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The Heart of Premiere Living Products Starts at Home

Founded in 2010 and literally starting at the kitchen table of a mother/daughter dream team, Premiere Living Products is the result of creativity and good business know-how.

Sandy Cohen (mom) and Amanda Feierstein (daughter) brought their significant talents and passions together along with a lot of hard work to build their successful company, Premiere Living Products. The team started with just one fashion storage item to now having thousands of different fashion storage solutions and multiple product lines at mass retailers.

Sandy brings her business leadership as CEO and comes out of the storage product sourcing and manufacturing world. She leads the team through all the ins and outs of global and responsible product manufacturing. Amanda is Premiere Living Products' Creative Director and steers the design on all the innovative, fashionable and on-trend product lines. Before starting Premiere Living Products' with her mother, Sandy, Amanda was a talented, creative designer for a Fortune 500 company. Together, they have grown Premiere Living Products into a major supplier of unique, fashionable and on-trend home décor storage solutions, for baby, kids, pets, bath, laundry, workspace, kitchen, and personal organization.


From kitchen table to Manhattan showroom

From a kitchen table in Long Island to a large Manhattan showroom, the talented team grew the company by recognizing that the market would want to take storage solutions out of the closets and into their living space by combining fashion and design trends with functional storage solutions. Premiere Living Products was at the forefront of fashionable storage products, and it continues to lead the market by creating new, unique, and exciting products that their retailers love to put out on the store floors.

Both founders credit their success to the commitment of always bringing something fresh, new, unique, functional, and fashionable to market. Premiere Living Products is a market leader in the use of innovative combinations of materials and fabrics never before seen in storage & organizational products. Sandy and Amanda believe their continued growth and differentiation is due to the constant invention of fashionable home organizational products based on trends and the needs of the customer.

Premiere Living Products' core brand, Taylor Madison Designs, was created with the belief that functional and beautiful solutions for our homes are essential for everyone.

“We saw a need in the market, and our retailers and their customers love when our products hit the stores,” states Sandy Cohen. Adding in, Amanda says, “We are committed to globally finding sustainable materials and combining them in new ways to always bring a freshness to our home décor products.”

Today, Premiere Living Products supplies home décor, accent furniture, and uniquely designed storage products in Home, Bath, Housewares, Workspace, Baby, Kids, Pet, and Personal categories.

Premiere Living Products is committed to continually revolutionizing the fashionable storage and organizational product industry by partnering with retailers who bring their innovative home décor solutions to customers who love them.


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